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Handling Special Days and Holidays


(Available in packages of 25 for $13.75)

Most people experience what researchers call “Anniversary Reactions” where grief seems to be intensified because of the nature of a holiday, birthday, special day or anniversary. These special days bring up memories of special times spent with a loved one. Special days make it clear once more that the death of a loved one is real. Even though people know intellectually that a person has died, emotionally the ties to special memories that are conjured up on special days validates that fact and makes the experience seem more real.

This brochure provides information that normalizes grief reactions, explains why they seem more intense at a particular time and gives practical ideas for how to honor the life and the relationship shared with a loved one in a way that new rituals and traditions are created.

This brochure is a perfect mailer for the anniversary of the death and during the Holidays to let those you serve know you continue to be with them in thought and service. It is a good handout for holiday services of remembrance or candle lighting ceremonies.