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Light A Candle CD


Written and sung by Paul Alexander, Grief Counselor, Singer and Songwriter

This CD is perfect for candle lighting ceremonies. The instrumental version can be played in the background while your group is lighting their candles. After all candles are lit, you can chance to the vocal side and give your audience time to reflect on love that will always be remembered as they Honor a live whose light "Forever Shines."

The light your loved one has brought into your life can never be extinguished.

No one can ever take away the gift and the power of the relationship you have shared. Single version only - $9.95.

$14.95 for Paul's CD with three other memorial songs that can be used for candlelighting or remembrance services - Tree of Memory, Walk to Remember and Pretty Balloon. All of these are beautifully written and performed by Paul Alexander. The CD includes vocal and musical seletions. Tree of Memory is a good song for tree plantings to honor a loved one, Walk to Remember is great for tribute walks or fund raising walks and Pretty Balloon is a great song for balloon launching